The northeast coast of Koh Lanta is enshrouded by the dense, emotive roots and the lush green leaves of the Mangroves lining up the serene streams and the calm rivers. The environment brings a sense of nostalgia which is hard to put in words. Mangroves on Koh Lanta provide a quintessential break from the strenuous plages and sandy shores. Here, you can pause for a short relaxing promenade, reconcile with nature in the floating homestays, or go kayaking.

Get a taste of the unique landscape by strolling your lane onto the wooden walkway that takes you to the Tung Yee Peng Mangroves Forest. Spot some fiddler crabs wriggling in the mud held together by the tubular dark roots of Mangroves. Catch some birds like cranes and sea eagles soaring over the trees or fishing in the shallows. Capture the humming of the outlying longtail boat engines as you walk your way through the Mangroves on Koh Lanta.

Traverse the brackish rivers and magnificent inland waterways on a Kayak or take a longtail boat for a tranquil trip beside the mangroves. Find a stopover at the Floating House Homestay to capture some live fishes swimming in the saltwater pens until they are picked up for the barbecue. Spot some mischievous monkeys munching on the marine life that they pick at a low tide.

You can easily get a Kayak on rent for up to 3 hours. Alternatively, you can book a tour on a longtail boat to unveil the marvels of the Mangroves on Koh Lanta. You can also stick around for some time to indulge in the activities offered at the homestay. You can reserve a seat in the tents installed on the decks of the open air houses at the homestay. Indulge in activities like kayaking, boat trips, and water bikes to make your visit more indulging. Catch your dinner live; swimming beneath your feet. You can find an abode at the homestay for a package of two-days and two-nights including accommodation, meal, activities, and tours on a longtail boat.

Alternatively, you can book some secluded rooms floating on a narrow waterway bordered by the Mangroves provided by the Thung Yee Pheng Seafood. The rooms are available under the combined homestay and fish farm program and can be accessed easily, however, the location may not be as enchanting. With that said, the rooms are worth stopping for a quick lunch and some rest even if you do not plan to stay overnight.

The Thung Yee Pheng village also has orchid and butterfly gardens to add to your itinerary as you traverse the Mangroves on Koh Lanta. You can hire a local guide as you take a trip through the shady Mangroves on a longtail boat. The Mangrove Forests on Koh Lanta are primary breeding grounds for the dolphins and sharks where they shelter their juveniles. The dense roots of the Mangroves create a protected area for crabs, fish, lobsters, oysters, and shrimps. The Mangrove forest serves as a nursery for mammals, reptiles, and birds thereby protecting the coastlines from erosion.

Take a memorable tour to the Mangroves on Koh Lanta to explore the marvels of nature like never before.

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