Elephant Trekking – Exploring The Woods With The Stalwart Brobdingnagian

Sauntering through the woods on the back of an Elephant is an experience that you would not like to miss during your visit to Koh Lanta. Not just it ameliorates the experience of exploring the woods but also gives the opportunity to understand the subsistence and conduct of the fascinating animal. You will be surprised to see how the benignant giant learns docile and responds to the direction of the mahout. Feed the benevolent animal and learn how they are taken care of by the mahout. Spend some time bathing and splashing water with the animal as it takes you to the waterfall and caves all the way through the rainforest.


You can book your elephant trekking package at our website. We offer a wide range of trekking packages which include fresh fruits, drinking water, insurance and a blissful time in the woods with the lovely creature. You can take an elephant trekking package to explore the caves and waterfall beside the Khlong Jak Bay. The trekking tour starts early at 8 am and takes around 4 hours for a round-trip transfer to your hotel. All through the tour amidst the rainforests of Koh Lanta, you can witness tropical birds, monkeys, and other wild animals having fun in their natural abode in the jungle. A guide will take you through the rainforest to the waterfall and cave. Explore the surroundings, swim through the pristine water, or just sit back and relax to have a leisurely time at the Khlong Jak Bay. Alternatively, you can book an elephant riding tour to experience trekking through the woods on the back of the mammoth. An advance booking of the Elephant Trekking Koh Lanta packages always helps.

Historical Snapshot

Hardwood logging was banned in Thailand long back in 1980. After the ban, many of the elephants were left without any job. Their mahouts neither had any social security benefits nor do they had enough resources to feed the pachyderm. Then came the idea of employing the elephants as mounts for elephant trekking tours for the tourists who wish to explore the rainforests in Koh Lanta. Currently, Elephant Trekking Koh Lanta is among the most popular indulgences among the tourists of all ages. You get a completely different view of the jungle from the back of an elephant as it takes you through the woods and the jungle interiors. You also get to know about rubber plantation in Thailand which also provides livelihood to the natives. Learn how the rubber tree plantation serves as a source of rubber. See how the rubber is extracted from the woods as you walk your way through the forest observing the people at work. Get an altogether different flavor of Thailand with the Elephant Trekking Koh Lanta.

Tour Highlights

Elephant Trekking Koh Lanta includes a mesmerizing experience of riding through the woods on the back of the pachyderm. Our tour coordinators pick you from your hotel to take you to the safari elephant camp. Here, you start your tour hopping up on the back of the elephant sitting on a comfortable chair. Experience your ride through the rubber plantation and rainforest as the sure-footed animal swiftly moves crushing the grass underneath and balancing on the pebbles of the river. You will also get some refreshment in the form of fresh fruits and water. Enjoy some local fruits and feed the animal along the way.

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