Koh Ha – A Tropical Paradise To Rejuvenate Your Senses

Are you an admirer of natural beautiful surroundings? Do breathtaking surreal habitats stimulate your senses? Do you crave for fascinating caverns that leave you speechless and mesmerized? Are you an adrenaline junkie on the outlook of finding some adventure? If you answered any or all of the questions with a YES, then Koh Ha is the perfect destination for you to relax and unwind.


Koh Ha is the fifth and the largest among the group of limestone islands situated towards the west of Koh Lanta. Koh Ha is truly a tropical paradise with its breathtaking beautiful surroundings where nature unfolds in its full glory. Originally known as Tuk Narima Island in the Malay language, Koh Ha has been a shelter for the fishermen and Sea Gypsies for long. Currently, the Koh Ha group of islands is under the administration of the Mu Koh Lanta National Marine Park.

What Koh Ha offers you?

Koh Ha islands are covered with lush green fields and the landscape provides a picturesque view for the visitors. If you are a fan of underwater activities, you can capture some scuba diving and snorkeling session at the islands. You can view some beautiful shallow coral reefs as you dive down the clear waters with an underwater visibility of up to 25 meters. The deepest spot for diving is about 50 meters. However, the average depth of the water is between 5 to 20 meters.

What awaits you underwater?

Koh Ha islands have some amazing underwater caves. You can safely enter the caverns through their large entrances. Explore the interiors of the caves that have been carved by the artistry of mother nature. Surface inside and take a glimpse of the fascinating ancient stalactites hanging from the cave ceiling. It is best to dive into the caves during sunrise when the sunlight paints the water in a gorgeous emerald color. The natural light shining through the underwater caves creates a magical experience which is hard to put into words. Two of the three caves are interconnected by a large round swim-through passage. The third cavern being the largest is often termed The Cathedral. Swim through the caves to have an experience of a lifetime.

Meet some whale sharks, sea snakes or manta rays

Explore the marine flora and fauna. Observe numerous species of harlequin shrimps, gorgonian sea fans, leafy ghost pipefish, and spiny lobsters in the cracks of the reefs. Spot some whale sharks, sea snakes, manta rays, lionfish, and turtles around the beautiful, colorful corals. Dive to the west of The Cathedral to find a coral-encrusted sloping reef which is home to several amazing marine creatures. Snorkel the waters of the shallow coral garden near the beach called The Secret Garden to view some beautiful coral formations, purple anemone beds, a resident pool of clownfish, and a huge variety of marine fauna including parrot fish, cuttlefish, Moorish idols, and octopus.

Best time to visit the Koh Ha islands is between the months of October and June. Book a day trip to the islands to have an unforgettable experience and take back some mesmerizing memories with beautiful photographs. You can easily get to the Koh Ha islands by hiring a speedboat which can be booked online as well as on-the-spot.

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