Koh Talabeng – An Expedition for Trekking, Caves, and Kayaking

Koh Talabeng is a large ancient rocky island located off the eastern coast of Koh Lanta. You can easily access the island by a longtail boat chartered from Koh Lanta. The Koh Talabeng Island emerges as a 70-meter high rocky stretch standing over the sea surface. The island appears like a giant protecting a hidden treasure. According to fables, the caves on the island were a popular hideout for the pirates. Surrounded by lush green forests; the caves with fresh water, awe-inspiring limestone formations, and spectacular interiors beckon many visitors from all around the world.


You will immediately fall in love with the scenic beauty as you approach the island on a long tail boat. Its dramatic limestone caves provide a breathtaking experience with all the stalactites and stalagmites shining and twinkling in colorful gleam. Unlike other canoe tours where professional paddlers accompany you through your ride; you can self-paddle your kayaks at Koh Talabeng. Explore the awe-inspiring limestone cliffs, kayak all around to observe every cranny and out-of-reach corner, and paddle your way through the dramatic caves. You may even observe some monkeys and huge tropical birds at the concealed beaches. Take a refreshing break at the beach and swim through the murky water. You can also enjoy some fingerlicious Thai food for a picnic lunch. A waterproof bag, some fresh fruits, and a water bottle or coke are provided as a part of your package so you do not need to bring anything along. After kayaking, you will be administered back to the pier for being sent to your respective hotel.

Some Useful Tips

As you reach Koh Talabeng you will be indulging in some rigorous hiking, climbing, and kayaking. Although it is safe and you will be guided all the way by professional attendants, it is not a space for people with limited mobility or small kids. Also, you should wear comfortable, hiking-friendly shoes and attire. If you seek to explore blissful surroundings and love to follow off-the-beaten tracks, Koh Talabeng beckons you for a mystical experience. Despite all the trekking, hiking, and kayaking; a trip to Koh Talabeng is worth the effort and a value for money deal.

Best Time to Visit

You can best visit Koh Talabeng during the green season when the island is blanketed by the moist evergreens. You will be provided the kayak, life jackets, marine bag, and other necessary equipment by your tour attendants. An insurance amount is also covered in the charges of the package. Most packages also include some snacks, drink, and picnic lunch beside the beach. The tour takes only a small group of people at a time so it offers a small scale yet refreshing experience to spend some amazing time with family and friends. Get transported to an awe-inspiring panorama on a tour to Koh Talabeng. Explore the hidden crevices of the caves where you may find some bats hovering all around. Witness the limestone formations emerging to form beautiful semblances and kayak all around to explore the gigantic cliffs.

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