Koh Bu Bu

If your idea of perfect holidays is solitude and complete seclusion from the hubbub and commotion of daily routine; Koh Bu Bu is the perfect destination for a relaxing break. Koh Bu Bu is a simple private island with a single resort for some peaceful accommodation. The island has some beautiful beaches, picturesque landscape, and scenic beauty all around. Here, you can enjoy a fascinating sunrise and a splendid sunset. The white, fine-grained sandy beaches are appropriate for some refreshing swimming and rejuvenating sunbathing. You can also indulge in the motorboat ride to nearby islands. Almost all the beaches on the island are interconnected by an 800 m long pathway so the traveler can easily walk from one beach to another.


The Koh Bu Bu island and resort restaurant are a popular spot for the day-trippers. Many day trip boats and kayaks are often seen near the shores of the island. Koh Bu Bu stands in close proximity to many other interesting islands including Koh Lanta and Koh Talabeng. Among the many beaches on the island, the western beach is the most beautiful with a long stretch of white sand and spectacular beauty all around. It is a fascinating spot to capture an awe-inspiring sunrise and a spectacular sunset. Towards the north, the island has a bay. From here, you can see some nearby islands. The front beach has the maximum stretch and is most appropriate for swimming and basking in the sun. The eastern beach again provides a spectacular view of the small nearby islands. Travelers take a boat ride from the beach to the nearby islands.

Activities And Indulgences

The Koh Bu Bu island is an ideal spot for relaxation. Here, you will not find exhilarating water sports or deep water activities. But you can always pamper yourself with rejuvenating and unwinding indulgences. Take a quiet stroll beside the beach or lie down on a hammock to read a book. Swim through the turquoise warm water or indulge in some hiking around the island terrain. Unwind your senses with some de-stressing sunbathing or take a speedboat to explore some other small nearby islands. The interconnected 800 m pathway on the island forms a nature-study route where you can explore the woods and familiarize yourself with some native wildlife. Witness monkeys, wild fowls, tropical birds, and ground lizards in their natural abode as you walk your way through the rainforest track. Hop on a canoe to view and capture the impeccable scenic beauty of the island. The guests are provided the facility of riding a canoe free of cost by the resort.

Reaching Koh Bu Bu

Our tour coordinators take you to Koh Bu Bu on a longtail boat from Koh Lanta. The boat takes about 20 minutes to reach the island from the pier. The first thing you witness on the island is the solitary resort hidden amidst shady trees. The resort has 6 big bungalows and 9 small bungalows. Although the amenities and infrastructure are very basic on the island, they are suitable enough for a comfortable stay. Also, the costs are accordingly reasonable and budget friendly. Koh Bu Bu is all about good food, comfy living, and de-stressing. Book your package today to ensure a smooth commute and a comfortable stay!

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