Koh Ngai – A Paradise For The Indolent Solitude Seekers

If your idea of perfect holidays is seclusion and indolence; if you do not mind spending a few more bucks, Koh Ngai beckons you for your picture-perfect holidays. Crystalline shallow turquoise water, a narrow stretch of blondish-white coral sand, surrounding jungle-clad ridges, and karsts isle massifs; nature indeed unfolds in its full glory at Koh Ngai. The island has beautiful coral reefs, plenty of nearby big and small beaches, and a perfect amalgamation of the sand, the sea, and the sun. Koh Ngai is under the administration of the Mu Koh Lanta National Marine Park. Although the island does not offer many activities, there are a few resorts that offer relaxing abode for de-stressing and unwinding.


Located towards the south of Trang, Koh Ngai is part of the Krabi province. You can easily reach the tiny island by a ferry from Trang, or Koh Lanta. While Koh Ngai provides a solitary spot for some relaxation and unwinding, it also provides an easy access to various indulging activities that are centered on the island. You can easily hop on to the nearby islands of Koh Muk or Koh Kradan to capture some marine activities. Also, the nearby Bijou islets of Koh Waen, Koh Chueak, and Koh Maa provide perfect spots for snorkeling. Here, you can observe schools of tropical fishes in their natural habitat. Fetch a kayak or hop onto a longtail boat to reach these tiny islets. Another major highlight of Koh Ngai is a large natural stone that the locals consider as the Goddess of Mercy. Fishermen pay their respect to the stone before commencing on a journey. With its picturesque beautiful surroundings and serene location, Koh Ngai provides an idyllic spot for vacations with family.

Reaching Koh Ngai

Pick a ferry from Pak Meng Pier, Trang to reach Koh Ngai. The ferry ride takes around an hour to reach the 4 km long and 2 km wide Koh Ngai island. Having such a small geographical stretch, the island has no roads, not much accommodation options, and no motorized vehicles for transportation. All you will hear is the soar of the hornbills and the hum of the longtail boats. Most of the resorts and restaurants are located on the southern stretch of the island. You can also find a hiking trail at the southern headland to enjoy some trekking. The paradise beach covered with khaki sand and bright seashells is also located towards the south of the island. You can reach the paradise beach either by a kayak or by hiking your way to the beach. You can enjoy some snorkeling and swimming here. Also, the beach is a perfect spot for some sunbathing. Walk your way to a decent viewpoint on the island for capturing some beautiful seascapes.

Best Time to Visit

Although the island is open all through the year, the best time to visit Koh Ngai is between November and April. Koh Ngai is a blissful paradise for nature lovers and solitude seekers. At the same time, it is a perfect place to enjoy some fun time with family. Visit Kon Ngai for some fun-filled memorable relaxing holidays!

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